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Grace Covenant Statement on Racism


The Elders of Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church affirm the following statement adapted from our PCA General Assembly:

“Racism is the denial of the image of God and its implications to someone of another ethnicity. Racism, both inside and outside of the church, is a contradiction of Jesus’ command to love our neighbor as ourselves, and of God’s creation of all people in His image. So theologically, racism entails a denial of the biblical doctrines of creation, man, the communion of saints, and is disobedience to the moral law. We will not mince words: Racism is not only serious sin, it is also heresy.”

We recognize that racism is not the only grievous sin of our culture. But at this time, when the World is in chaos, the culture is in need of hearing a clear and simple declaration from the Church. We affirm this clear statement, distinguishing this issue from the complex web of issues associated with and surrounding the sin of racism.

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PCA Coordinators and Presidents Issue Statement on “Heinous Killings”  – a statement from some of the leaders of our denomination in response to current events.

PCA Report on Racial and Ethnic Reconciliation – This report, written just a few years ago, reflects the official position of our denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America, addressing these issues for our denomination. It is long but a great resource to find a biblical foundation for understanding these issues and helpful ways for us to respond individually and as a church.

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