GCPC Men’s Ministry March Madness Challenge 2022

GUYS! It’s March Madness time! The brackets for the 2022 NCAA Basketball Tournament are set. Grace Covenant Men’s Ministry is coordinating a March Madness Bracket Challenge, through ESPN.com. This group is open to any man/boy connected with Grace Covenant, no matter what age.

March Madness Bracket Challenges are fun for almost anyone – whether you are a basketball guru or you can barely bounce a ball. Upsets happen so frequently every year that even those who randomly guess can do as well as those who have been watching games all season. So we invite you to join in the fun.

Here is the link: Grace Covenant Men’s Ministry Bracket Challenge. If you do not have an account with ESPN, you may need to create one – but it is FREE. You will also need a Password for the group. The Password is GraceMM.

While a couple preliminary play-in games tip-off on Tuesday & Wednesday, you will have ’til Noon on Thursday to complete your bracket. Once you are signed in, you can check the group leaderboard after each round to see where you stand. And, ESPN usually allows participants to re-do their brackets in the week leading up to the Sweet 16 – so even if you start out slow, you still have a shot.

Just to make it a little more fun, the winner of the Grace Covenant Bracket Challenge will receive a gift card to Lowe’s.

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