A Pastor’s Note to Grace Covenant – June 25, 2021

It’s been anything but dull around Grace Covenant this week. Every day we had around 50 kids hopping, scooting, singing, and screaming with delight. It was VBS Week! Wild World of Water was the theme. The numbers this year were just under half of our usual because, due to the uncertainties of COVID-19 protocols during the planning stages, we limited participation to Grace Covenant kids only; we did not invite the community, as we ordinarily do. Though we had half the number there was no less energy, and no less fun! In addition to the gospel-themed lessons, songs, and skits, the children also heard from some of our missionaries via video. As always there was a challenge to bring food for the local food bank and a mission challenge. The mission challenge this year was to raise $150 for a water filtration system, to provide clear water for a village in Africa, where clean water is sparse. The goal was easily eclipsed, as the children raised over $400. That money will go to World Vision as part of their Clean Water Project. What a wonderful way for our children to express practical love to both Christians and non-Christians in Africa!

Check out the video that was shown to the children, explaining the importance of clean water:

During our services on Sunday you will hear more about the week. Those in the 8:30 service will also get to hear the kids sing one of the songs learned during the week. But we invite you to participate in the work of VBS by joining in prayer for the seeds that were planted to blossom and bear fruit in the hearts and lives of the children who were present. And join me in giving thanks to God for Lauren Malone & Jeni Mortier, who coordinated VBS this year; and for all the volunteers who made this such a joy-filled week for the children entrusted to us.

Shifting gears, I also invite you to pray for upcoming General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America, which will be held next week, June 29 – July 2 in St Louis. Ron Pohl (Elder Emeritus) and I will be representing Grace Covenant at this national gathering of church leaders from all over the USA. Prayer is always appreciated, but perhaps this year as much as ever. There are some very important issues that have been causing a measure of tension within the denomination for the past few years. Some of these issues will be directly addressed at the Assembly next week. I am anticipating that some of the debates could get a bit testy. So join me in praying that God would be honored, not only by the resulting decisions but also in the demeanor of those engaged in the discussions. For any who may be interested, most if not all of the Assembly – including worship services – will be available for viewing online. Just click the link, PCA GA, for the schedule of events and the link to the LiveStream. (If you wonder what a General Assembly is like, think of C-SPAN, but for churches.) Finally, please pray for Ron and for me, as both of us have been appointed to serve on what is called Committee of Commissioners – Ron serving the committee that will oversee the work of Mission to the World (MTW), and I will be serving the committee that oversees the work of Mission to North America (MNA).

I invite you to join me in welcoming John & Jennifer McCarthy, and family, to Grace Covenant. John is a graduate of Denver Theological Seminary, and is a candidate to become a Navy Chaplain. John will be doing a pastoral internship with us this Summer – and perhaps for the next year. So, when you meet the McCarthy’s at church, please greet and welcome them warmly.

Finally, just a reminder, on Sunday evening we will have the first of our Summer Church Picnics at First Colony Pool & Clubhouse. Details are in Grace Notes. I hope to see many of you there – just as I hope to see everyone on Sunday morning!

Grace & Peace,

W. Dennis Griffith, Lead Pastor

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