GCPC Children’s Lesson: God Gives Adam & Eve a New Son

In these scary and changing times, isn’t it good to know that God ALWAYS keeps his promises? In these lessons, families will follow God’s amazing unfolding promises to Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, and David to their fulfillment in Jesus the Savior. Wow, even families who know the Bible well will be encouraged by God’s love and faithfulness to his children in these lessons.

In this first lesson of this new series we learn that Cain murdered his brother Abel. But God, who promised Adam and Eve a Savior, sent Seth, through whose family the Savior would come.

Watch the video above, and use the pages linked below to get the most out of this lesson.

Parent Page – explains the lesson focus and scripture memory, giving parents a good Bible background to go further with their kids.

Kid’s Activity –  lesson coloring sheet and other activities families can do together.


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