Grace Covenant: Info for May 17 Worship


Eugene Peterson has paraphrased Romans 12.2 this way:

“If you are feeding yourself with the right stuff, you will live a fruitful life. If you fix your attention on God, you’ll come to the place where you can ‘readily recognize what he wants from you, and quickly respond to it’.”

Our hope is that we have been feeding  “right stuff” to the Grace Covenant family each week through our resources for worship. That is our aim, anyway, through the liturgies, songs, and messages each week. We hope that there is both a comfortable familiarity with what we offer, as well as enough variety that helps preserve your time of worship from tasting stale.

While the pattern of our service this week should be familiar, there is one addition we hope you will appreciate – even enjoy. We have added a video for the reciting of the Apostle’s Creed. All I’ll say is you won’t want to miss this video.

One other point to note, the message this week is the first of a series entitled Questions Jesus Asked. Most weeks during this Summer season we will be exploring some question that Jesus asked during his three year ministry. We begin this week with Jesus’ question “Who is My Mother? And who are My Brothers?”

As always, a .pdf of the worship outline should be printed out so that each person has the tools for participating in the service. You can find the .pdf by:

Videos for the songs, message, Benediction – and Apostle’s Creed – have been uploaded to the digital worship outline, and will be available for viewing by 8am, Sunday May 17.

May God strengthen you and help you; May he uphold you with His righteous hand.

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