Grace Covenant: Info for May 10 Worship


Our service this week deviates slightly from our more familiar pattern, but nothing too dramatic.  The chief difference this week is found in the focus of our prayer. Since this Sunday is recognized by our culture as Mother’s Day, our prayers are focused on praying for our mothers, and for those for whom Mother’s Day may come with some degree of heartache.  While some may wonder why put such emphasis on a Hallmark holiday, a wise old pastor once told me: “If the whole world is focused on some aspect of God, go with it.”  Beyond the more narrowly focused prayer, the substance of our service this week remains mostly the same.

A .pdf of the worship outline should be printed out so that each person has the tools for participating in the service. You can find the .pdf by:

May the Lord plant you firmly in the faith, stable and steadfast, not shifting from the hope of the gospel that you heard, and which has been proclaimed in all creation under heaven. (See Colossians 1.23)


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