Grace Covenant: Info for Easter Worship


All the hopes and expectations of Christians are realized in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, making Easter the most celebrative day of the church year. Our hope is that our Easter service will offer a time of joy, celebration, and renewal in grace.

Our service this week again follows the same essential pattern of the past several weeks.  The primary difference for Easter is that it is a total celebration! Our sins have been forgiven by faith in what Jesus accomplished through the Cross. Therefore, to reflect the freedom from the penalty of sin that Jesus secured for us, there is no confession of sin in our liturgy this week.

As we urge each week, perhaps especially this week, we encourage you to connect with others, invite them to join your worship time through Zoom, Skype, etc. If you know of anyone who lives alone, maybe even someone who does not regularly attend church, we would especially encourage you to reach out and invite them to join you to worship together online.

The .pdf of the Easter worship outline is provided below.  A link to the .pdf can also be found at the top of the digital Easter Outline, so that each person can have a copy with all the tools necessary for participating in the service.  As always, take a look at the service, and assign the various parts, before you sit down together.  You’ll notice that there are several readings this week, each expressing a different testimony about seeing the risen Jesus.

Finally, as with previous weeks, the videos of the songs, the message, and the Benediction will be embedded into our April 12 Worship Service Outline, and will be available for viewing by 8am on Sunday April 12. These are provided as resources to be used when you come to them in their respective places in the service.

Happy Easter!

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