Remote Working & Parenting

Remote Working 2

School closures add another level of complexity to working from home. Here are some parent-tested tips for remote work when you have children at home.

  • Negotiate parenting responsibilities with your spouse. Clarity is a marriage saver!
  • Plan the day in 30-minute increments. Variety equals focus.
  • Enlist kids in doing more chores. Now that’s a Double Win!
  • Choose a project a day. Imagination is the greatest toy.
  • Post the schedule each morning. That heads off many questions.
  • Connect before doing deep work. A few minutes of focused time can free you to focus.
  • Take advantage of downtime. When teenagers sleep, you focus.
  • Signal when you’re working. A Post-It, a closed door, or “Mommy’s going to work now,” whatever works.
  • Keep up your shutdown ritual. You need to decompress, and they need to have you “home” from work.

You can do this!

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