Counseling Services at Grace Covenant



Grace Covenant Church is pleased, in partnership with Genesis Counseling Center – an established Christian counseling center with offices in Williamsburg, Yorktown, Hampton, and Chesapeake – to provide church-based counseling services to the Greater Williamsburg community.  Two well-trained Resident Counselors are available by appointment to offer counseling services at Grace Covenant.

Residents are trained counselors who have completed all degree work and are finalizing hours required for full licensure, under supervision of an experienced Licensed Professional Counselor or Licensed Psychologist trained for supervision. Our Residents have immediate access to supervisory counselors in event of difficult situations.

Counseling Provided: Genesis counselors at GCPC are Isaiah Day (MFT) and Blair Elder (LPC).   Both Isaiah and Blair are under the supervision of GCPC member Mark Mortier. Blair is available to meet with Girls, Women, Families or Couples. Isaiah meets with Boys, Men, Families, Couples.  Both Residents are available to meet with groups on a variety of topics.

Appointments: Those interested in services can call the Genesis-Williamsburg office 757-654-3100 to schedule a first appointment. A Resident will meet with clients at the church to discuss their concerns and how to best provide assistance.  In some serious cases, requiring a more experienced provider or services provided in a counseling center setting, the Resident will refer the client to the Genesis offices, where the client will be guided through a process to get the services they need in a setting they can afford.

Cost: Clients who have sessions with a Resident can pay on an affordable sliding scale, which will be provided to them.  The Residents pay for their weekly supervision, and are supporting themselves until they are fully licensed professionally to practice independently.

Summary: Grace Covenant is delighted with this opportunity to extend care to our members and to our community.  We encourage anyone who has given thought to counseling, but has not taken steps to see a counselor, perhaps assuming it was too expensive or that the issues did not warrant professional help, to consider setting an appointment. In most cases a trained listening ear will help you resolve whatever it is that is causing your stress or anxiousness, in as few as one or two sessions. Counseling services are open to both Grace Covenant members and to our neighbors throughout the Historic Triangle.

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