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​3E Restoration is offering a new round of training labs, equipping those interested in helping our neighbors in need.   3E’s strategy has a proven track record moving folks from homelessness to self sufficiency.unnamed
Grace Covenant is excited to be entering into partnership with 3E.  Our Deacons have committed to support this ministry financially, and we are committed to adopting a family to walk through the 3E Process.  To do that we need a team of volunteers – Servant Leader Coordinators and All In Friends.
3E’s Training Labs prepare those who want help.  This Summer the Training Labs will be held on two Saturdays in July – July 18 & July 25.  There is a $99 fee for the training, to help cover costs and assist in process development, which Grace Covenant will gladly cover.  Just let us know you are signing up.
For those interested but not yet ready to commit, there will be a FREE three-hour Foundations Lab held on Saturday June 27. From there, prayerfully discern if you are willing to commit to the two training labs that follow. If you are available for only one of the training labs, arrangements can me made for make-up. So don’t let Summer travel plans hinder you from partic3E Restoration Labsipating.  
This is an exciting step for Grace Covenant, enabling us to better love our neighbors, and our community.  We pray and hope that we will see several join up for these training sessions.  Our hope is to find a minimum of 3 Servant Leader Coordinators, who can together share the tasks leading us in loving our neighbors well.  
To sign up click: here
Questions? contact Dick Turner: dickturner3@gmail.com 

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  1. Reblogged this on Inside This Guys Head and commented:
    It is amazing to know how God is moving in 3e Restoration. We are excited to announce that Grace Covenant Presbyterian is becoming a partnering Church. What does that mean? They are getting equipped and empowered to walk in a relational way (versus a programmatic way) with a friend/family living through homeless toward holistic sufficiency. They join Williamsburg Christian Church, King of Glory, New Town United Methodist, Williamsburg United Methodist and Common Ground Church (in Fredericksburg) in taking the long and beautiful grace-filled journey of intentionally walking with and embracing men, women and families through homelessness in meaningful communal relationship. Friends living through homelessness are not outreach projects to be objectified. They are human beings to embraced and included in the life of God’s people through gracious hospitality, despite the difficult and peculiarity of their circumstances.

    My favorite part about 3e Restoration Inc is that we are not a para-church organization doing the work FOR the churches. We are an “equipping” organization helping churches discover how they can do the work of embracing those society considers the last, least, left-out and lonely in the life of their community. Homelessness is a peculiar circumstance that requires a particular and intentional relationship that necessitates a specific equipping. We are honored to join churches in this journey and in joining God in faithfully bearing witness to His in-breaking kingdom in dark and difficult places.

    Thank you Grace Covenant for your willingness to join God in bringing restoration to the lives of many and in bringing peace, justice and gracious hospitality to Greater Williamsburg!

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