ABCs for Parents & Friends of Children


When it comes to children and Worship, we believe children should not only be seen, but theat they should be SEEN & HEARD!  We don’t believe Jesus would have it any other way!  (Matthew 19.14)

But we also know that, for the parents, it is not always easy.  So here are a handful of tips that have proven to help children acclimate to a public worship service:

Arrive in time to find a good place to sit.  Sit near the front to provide younger children with a better view of all that is going on during the service.

Bring colored pencils or crayons for children to use as they draw in the children’s worship activity bulletins.   In many churches, Ushers will be happy to give your child one of the children’s worship activity bulletins.

Clue your child about what will happen next in worship. Children who can read will want to find the hymns. They like to be ready.

In the home, Discuss worship to prepare children for any change in the routine, such as a baptism or other special features. Also, take time to answer questions about worship experiences.

Express your gladness at having children in worship. After the service, be sure to welcome the children near you. Include them in your conversations to let them know they belong.

Free yourself from worry about children’s behavior. Be open to receiving their ministry to you.

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